Monday, 18 January 2010

Goodbye and thank you

We have decided to permanently close the blog. We believe in the saying 'anything worth doing is worth doing well' and producing a good blog was taking too much of our time. We already work very long hours and devoting another hour to the blog instead of our family every day is no longer acceptable.

We were averaging 1K a day this month so we believe the challenge target was attainable with minor improvement but we will now continue it privately.

The only reason we started both challenges was to provide inspiration to others and show that it can be done. We never intended to sell anything from the start and it was purely for our enjoyment although a lot of people find this extremely difficult to believe.

You can continue to write to but you may not receive a reply. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and meeting you all and we learned a lot from it. We are happy if even a few traders remember what they have seen here.

So long...